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Features from Keen IO

Custom analytics shouldn’t be a pain in the backend.

Keen IO’s powerful APIs do the heavy lifting for you, so you can gather all the data you want and start getting the answers you need.

Gather it

whatever data you want to measure, from whatever source you need

Store it

as much data as you’d like, forever and ever in the cloud

Learn from it

query it, visualize it, share it – transform data into knowledge

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Spotify Download Store about to close

Hello username,

Just so you know, the Spotify Download Store will be closing for good on 1st January 2014. You can download any of your purchased mp3s up until the end of the year.

Remember, you can still play your Spotify music offline anytime you want, with a Premium subscription. If you never tried it before, the first 30 days are on us! Get Premium here ».

Any questions? Don’t be shy. Ask away.

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